Tips for choosing the right commercial flooring contractors

Experienced commercial flooring contractors are needed for hospitality projects. Hotels can’t afford shoddy workmanship that hurts their brand and causes liability issues, such as tripping hazards or areas prone to slip & falls by guests.

Hotels need commercial flooring contractors that show up on time and do high-quality work that delights guests. From double-stick carpeting to epoxy coatings, experienced contractors know how to properly prep and install new flooring. They can also advise hotel owners or management companies about the best materials to use for different areas of the property.

Here are some tips on choosing qualified commercial flooring contractors.

Review prior projects
Look at photos of projects similar to yours on their website. Walk through those hotels to see the quality of their work.

Check for experience with your materials
Make sure flooring contractors have experience with the type of flooring you plan to use, such as carpet, tile, hardwood, luxury vinyl, or epoxy coatings over concrete.

Check reviews and business credentials
Read online reviews and check for the right business credentials for your area. You may also be able to get information about local installers from flooring manufacturers.

Ask about training and equipment for removal, prep and installation
Removal of old materials may require special training, equipment, and disposal. The same is true of prep and installation of new flooring. Learn what you can about the people who will be assigned to your project, such as whether they are full-time employees.

Are they knowledgeable about ADA and other compliance issues?
Make sure contractors are familiar with regulatory compliance issues, such as Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and health and safety requirements.
Other things to consider when looking for commercial flooring contractors:

  • Are they insured, licensed, bonded and/or certified?
  • Do they follow OSHA and other safety procedures?
  • What type of warranties do they offer?
  • What is their environmental policy for selection and disposal of materials?
  • Do they offer maintenance or tips for extending the life of the flooring and keeping it looking good?

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