Compliance with PIPs using experienced commercial painters

The first impression when you walk into a hotel sets the tone for your guest experience. Hotels can disappoint guests when they look outdated or shabby. During the pandemic, some hotels put renovations and refreshes on hold and are now playing catch up.

A property improvement plan (PIP) is a list of renovations, improvements and updates designed to bring your hotels into compliance with brand standards. PIPs are meant to improve guest satisfaction and consistency across all branded properties. They typically happen every 6-10 years. Parent brands can also use PIPs to differentiate the look, feel, and consumer experiences at each of their sub-brands.

By renovating or refreshing properties, owners and management companies can better serve guests, gain market share, and generate more revenue. A fresh coat of paint in lobbies, meeting rooms, restaurants and common areas, as well as guest rooms, is one way to improve the property. This will increase guest appeal for travelers and locals looking for event space or a staycation.

Paint trends change over time. Paint colors can be used to set the mood in a room or lighten up a dark hallway. New paint can also be used to create social media moments, setting a dramatic or fun backdrop for guests to take selfies to post for family, friends or online reviews.

Commercial painting contractors have the skills, experience, and equipment needed to complete your painting projects on time and on budget. There are numerous paint options these days, including antimicrobial and low or zero VOC paints. Different sheens impact the look, from flat to high gloss. FSN-Hospitality’s painting contractors can provide advice on the best paint to use in each area of your properties.

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