Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures are designed to protect people during healthcare facility renovations and remodeling projects. That’s why FSN’s contractors are trained on ICRA techniques, including containment, negative air, and HEPA filtration.

Removing or installing walls, flooring and ceiling tiles, sanding surfaces, and other renovations can generate dust or release particles and infectious agents, such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. It’s important to minimize the risk of these infectious agents spreading through the air via dust or water aerosolization during renovations and maintenance projects. Keeping these particulates from being distributed throughout the facility via HVAC systems or spreading into nearby spaces can help save lives.

Almost 100,000 people die in hospitals every year due to secondary infections contracted during their stays. One source of secondary infections is cross contamination during hospital renovations and remodels. ICRA addresses the use of construction barriers, walls, doors and mats to limit the risk to patients, staff, and visitors.

If you’d like more information about ICRA, the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) has an Infection Control Risk Assessment Matrix of Precautions for Construction & Renovation on its website.

During construction and renovations, product selection is another factor that impacts safety in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare settings. In order to meet health codes and regulatory requirements, choosing products designed for medical facilities is crucial. Antimicrobial and low or zero VOC paints along with mold-resistant flooring are a few of the products to consider. Color and design also play a role in decision-making, with facilities moving away from cold, sterile colors to more friendly, calming colors that help put patients and staff at ease.

A significant challenge for the healthcare industry is the shortage of skilled contractors. Even before the pandemic, less than half of healthcare construction managers said projects met their deadlines more than 80% of the time. The 2018 survey also found that 72% of medical construction professionals felt the skilled-worker shortage affected their projects.

FSN’s contractors stay up-to-date on ICRA procedures and the latest products available for use in healthcare facilities.  If you have questions or want to be matched with qualified contractors in your area, contact us today at (410) 564-5876 or sales@FinishingSolutionsNetwork.com.