The importance of hiring qualified contractors for hospitality projects cannot be overstated. While some companies may be tempted to cut costs and hire inexperienced workers, don’t do it!

Here are the top 5 benefits of hiring FSN’s finishing contractors:


Hotel trends may change, but quality workmanship never goes out of style. We’ve worked with top brands and thousands of property owners, general contractors, and designers in the U.S. and Canada. FSN’s contractors expertly install and finish floors and glass, and make sure walls and ceilings look their best with paint and wallcoverings. From 5-star resorts to budget hotels, your renovations and new builds will look great.


FSN’s diverse contractors employ dependable W-2 employees – pre-screened, certified, insured, and bondable. Our skilled contractors average 14 years of experience on the job, and stay current on products and techniques. They show up on time, ready to work. Our worksites are 17% more productive than sites using less experienced workers, so we meet deadlines, lower your total costs, and improve ROI.


The output of FSN’s finishing contractors is 24% higher than less experienced workers. Our contractors focus on the details to make sure your properties look beautiful inside and out. Happy guests will share photos and rave reviews on rating sites and social media, which increases brand loyalty and occupancy rates. Fast, high-quality work also reduces downtime.


Keeping workers, staff and guests safe during hotel renovations is a top priority for FSN’s finishing contractors. Our contractors follow safety protocols, including OSHA and COVID-19 mitigation procedures. Strict adherence to safety standards reduces liability, increases productivity, and lowers experience modification rates.


Our contractors take pride in making your brands look their best. We know that shoddy workmanship, including paint on doorknobs or damaged window frames, hurts your reputation and bottom line. FSN’s contractors keep disruptions to a minimum and do the job right the first time.

FSN-Hospitality makes it easy to find, vet, and hire skilled finishing contactors for new construction and renovations. Our project consultants match you with commercial contractors specializing in paint, wallcovering, glazing, drywall, flooring, and more. Contact us today to learn more.