While transforming historic buildings into hotels isn’t new, the transformation of an airport terminal into a hotel was a unique experience. The TWA terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport recently reopened as the TWA Hotel after a massive restoration project.

The TWA terminal at JFK Airport was designed by architect Eero Saarinen and opened in 1962. It was closed in 2001 after TWA went out of business. Because of its placement on the National Register for Historic Places, much of the original terminal remains after the renovation. The TWA Hotel has over 500 guestrooms, along with a variety of restaurants and bars that reflect the terminal’s history. The 200,000 square foot lobby makes it the largest in the world. The old red-carpeted walkways that once led travellers to gates now connect visitors to the new hotel towers.

Guestrooms have views of JFK’s runways and the historic TWA Flight Center.

As you can imagine, having a hotel in the middle of JFK Airport with jets taking off and landing can be extremely noisy. But don’t worry, noise control was factored into the restoration project. The hotel features glass curtain walls that are the second-thickest in the world, right behind the wall at the U.S. Embassy in London. The windows are 4½ inches thick and consist of seven panes of glass. This level of soundproofing ensures the floor-to-ceiling, full-width windows cancel runway noise.

FSN-Hospitality’s experienced glazing contractors ensured the heavy custom glass was properly installed throughout the TWA Hotel. Our paint, wallcovering, drywall and flooring contractors also worked on this massive restoration.

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