Businesses involved in manufacturing and production can lose millions of dollars due to corrosion. It isn’t just the lost revenue from downtime. Corrosion can damage machine parts, nuts and bolts, support beams, pipes, walkways, storage containers and anything else containing metal in your facility. The high cost of repairing structural damage and replacing equipment can be avoided when the appropriate corrosion prevention measures are taken.

The 2002 Corrosion Cost and Preventive Strategies in the United States study found that the total annual direct cost of corrosion for the production and manufacturing sector was estimated to be $17.6 billion. That amount was broken down by industry, including pulp and paper at $6 billion, food processing at $2.1 billion and chemical/petrochemical/pharmaceutical at $1.7 billion.

Corrosion in structural steel, including support beams, can be catastrophic. Loss of strength can occur in steel and reinforced concrete (RC) structures. Corrosion can also lead to fatigue strength of steel elements, connections, and reinforced concrete elements. In addition, corrosion can reduce bond strength, limit ductility and reduce shear capacity.

Corrosion can also impact product safety and quality, as well as worker safety. One way to prevent corrosion is the application of industrial coatings. Multiple types of coatings, both inorganic and organic, can be used to protect structural components, equipment, floors, walls, and ceilings in facilities. In certain industries, packaging may also require coatings for protection against corrosion, such as metal cans.

Coatings must be selected based on usage, environmental factors and regulatory requirements. Certified industrial coating contractors and professionals can provide onsite evaluations and guidance on surface preparation and coating selection. Different chemicals, toxic substances, materials and temperature impact the choice of protective coatings.

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