2021 Hospitality Trends

While there are still uncertainties for the hospitality industry in 2021, the fact people are receiving coronavirus vaccines means they will feel safer socializing and travelling. Corporate travel, business meetings, and conferences should increase later this year.

There are steps you can take now to improve your readiness for current and future guests. Lessons learned during the pandemic provide some guidance. Rating rooms went viral as remote broadcasts and virtual meetings caused background images to take center stage – from unique art and wallpaper to photo bombing by children and pets. Designing meeting rooms, guest rooms, and outdoor spaces as video backdrops will enhance your brand as images are shared online.

Outdoor dining options and activities kept people safer, and fresh air options should continue. Think about sustainable outdoor designs and guest amenities during new builds and renovations, since people have become accustomed to outdoor activities and socially distanced events.

Contactless technology enhancements, from booking/check-in/check-out to placing food and beverage orders, have been useful. Travelers and meeting planners also appreciate the ability to scout locations via virtual reality tours, whether they are planning current travel or looking for inspiration for future travel.

Cleanliness and safety will remain front-of-mind for guests. Some surfaces are easier to clean and disinfect than others, which makes selection of flooring, paint and wallcovering for new construction and renovations important. Having hand-sanitizers and disinfecting wipes available around the property makes it easier for employees and guests to stay safe.

While some hospitality companies put construction projects on hold in 2020, FSN worked with many of those who moved forward. Our experienced finishing contactors used COVID-19 safety protocols to keep workplaces safe, and will continue to implement those protocols for as long as necessary.

For hospitality companies that put off construction projects last year, it is projected that an increased number of projects this year will lead to a shortage of qualified contractors. Contact us today at (410) 564-5876 or sales@FinishingSolutionsNetwork.com to be matched with qualified specialists in paint, wallcovering, glazing, drywall, flooring, and industrial coatings in your area.