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Corrosion is a major problem for oil refineries. Protecting oil refineries from corrosion is what we do. Click to learn more.

Water storage tanks are subject to corrosion on both external and internal surfaces. To protect against corrosion, industrial coatings or volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) can be applied. Click to learn more

Trained Bridge Painters Prevent Corrosion. Annual direct cost estimates total $8.3 billion for corrosion issues. Learn more.

Pulp and paper mills require anti-corrosion protection due to the combination of water, toxic chemicals and structural steel.

Preventing corrosion in water tanks and water systems is estimated to be a $2.5 trillion issue. Click here to learn more.

The estimated global cost of corrosion is $2.5 trillion a year. When corrosion control practices are implemented, the cost of corrosion can be reduced by 15% to 35%.

Safety has always been a top priority for FSN’s finishing contractors. As we continue to work on projects around the U.S. and Canada, we wanted to share a summary of the worksite safety plan we implemented earlier this year to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect workers.

Top 7 reasons to include FSN’s finishing contractors in your specifications

Hotel owners and operators with properties in multiple locations often have a hard time finding qualified finishing contractors for every property. While you may have high-quality contractors in some locations, you can struggle to find experienced workers in other locations. This isn’t a surprise, given the shortage of skilled workers. In a survey of 2,000 construction firms released last year, 80% of respondents said they were having a hard time filling hourly craft positions, with 73% saying skilled workers for those jobs would be hard or even harder to find in 2020. Because of the shortage of skilled workers, new builds and renovations may be delayed.

Rather than scrambling to find skilled contractors and settling for inexperienced workers at multiple locations, property owners and operators can put FSN-Hospitality in their specifications. We have vetted finishing contractors in the U.S. and Canada, specializing in paint, wallcovering, drywall, glazing and flooring. Our pre-screening adds a layer of quality control and provides peace of mind.

The top 7 reasons to include FSN-Hospitality’s finishing contractors in your specifications are:

  • Experienced contractors are certified, insured and bondable and you get competitive bids from independently owned contractors.
  • High-quality work is done right the first time at all locations, minimizing downtime and disruptions
  • Contractors are able to meet aggressive schedules and deadlines and know the hospitality industry
  • Highly-productive workers keep projects on time and on budget
  • Consistency – All workers trained nationally on the latest products, trends and techniques
  • Customer importance versus single project importance
  • Single source accountability

Exceeding your expectations makes us proud. We know you face competition from other hotels and home-sharing services, and first impressions matters. With guests posting photos on social media and review sites, people will see the quality workmanship at your properties when they are making travel decisions.

FSN-Hospitality can also set up maintenance agreements for properties that routinely need paint, wallcovering and other refreshes. You’ll feel confident knowing you have painters and other finishing contractors available whenever you need them.

Regardless of the number of properties you own, we have experienced finishing contractors ready to work on your renovations, refreshes and new construction projects. Contact us today at (410) 564-5876 or sales@FinishingSolutionsNetwork.com to be matched with contractors for your properties for free.

Once again, construction, renovation and design trends were featured topics at the Lodging Conference. We were thrilled to see a project worked on by FSN-Hospitality’s finishing contractors featured in a session – the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport.