Hotels need durable flooring, especially in high traffic areas like hallways, lobbies and ballrooms. Carpeting comes in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, price points and installation methods. Double-stick carpeting is a popular option for a variety of reasons. To make sure your double-stick carpeting is installed properly, you need to hire qualified contractors.

What is double-stick carpeting?

Double-stick carpeting refers to an installation method also known as double glue down carpeting. Rather than gluing carpeting directly to concrete floors, a densified pad is sandwiched between the concrete and the carpet. The pad is glued to the concrete, then the carpet is glued to the pad.

What are the benefits of double-stick carpeting?

There are numerous benefits to double-stick carpeting, including:

• The pad increases the life of the carpet. It can be used for carpets with complex patterns, borders and inserts.

• The dense pad under the carpeting increases comfort and helps reduce fatigue and stress on the body.

• The combination of carpet and pad provides added insulation for energy efficiency and noise reduction.

• Double-stick carpeting is perfect for ADA installations and rolling traffic.

• Antimicrobial carpets and pads are available, which can prevent bacterial and fungal growth, and help eliminate odors.

• Double-stick carpeting can contribute to LEED green building credits for recycled materials, regional materials and/or low-emitting materials.

Why use experienced installers?

Expert double-stick carpeting installers know the proper steps and techniques necessary for long-lasting success. Specialists know how to apply adequate, uniform adhesive throughout the installation – first between the pad and the concrete, and then between the pad and the carpet. They know how to layout and cut the carpet for maximum appeal, ensuring patterns look good and lines are straight.

Conversely, inexperienced installers may skip adhesive in some areas, causing the carpet to pucker and seams to split or peak. They may also have trouble matching patterns and keeping seams straight.

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