Finishing Solutions Network has certified industrial coating specialists trained on the proper application of industrial coatings to keep your buildings and structures safe. We’ll highlight two different applications for industrial coatings in this blog.

Corrosion Protection on Metals and Floors

Epoxy coatings have multiple uses, including corrosion protection. They are strong adhesives and durable paint and coatings for floors and metals. Epoxy coatings are created by a chemical reaction between epoxide resin and a polymine hardener, forming a strong, corrosion-resistant substance.

Epoxy coatings are used throughout industrial and commercial properties and in composite materials. Epoxy coatings cover concrete floors in manufacturing plants, commercial locations, industrial facilities, warehouses, hospitals and other locations. Epoxy coatings are used for corrosion protection of equipment and pipes in the oil and gas industry and water storage and transmission. Epoxy coatings can also be applied to metal containers to prevent rust in food and beverage facilities.


Some industries have fireproofing codes and standards to meet. Industrial coatings can be a passive fire protection solution, making structures more resistant to fire.

One type of fireproof coating is Intumescent Fire Resistive Materials (IFRMs). IFRMs work by foaming up when exposed to extreme heat, forming a barrier between the heat from the fire and the coated material, including structural steel. The use of certified IFRMs may qualify structures for a fire-resistance rating.

IFRMs are available in water-based, low VOC solvent-based and epoxy-based paint products. In addition to fire protection, they look good in commercial and industrial settings. It is best to select IFRMs that have been tested and certified to meet industry standards.

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